Main Bathroom

Before it all began

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Vanity Before

This bathroom hadn't been touched in decades. The lighting was poor and the client really wanted a brighter experience.


It is a small room to begin, but the tub/shower combination spanned the length of the wall with an odd bench at one end.


They didn't have a need for a tub, and the glass sliding doors sat in a channel that just collected dirt and never truly dried out.

The Solution

more storage and an updated look

Stream Lined

Simple wood with marble countertops and medicine cabinet recessed into the wall for more storage. Light fixtures at your face level instead of shining down on you.

Linen Closet

By removing the tub and creating a shower only situation, there is plenty of room for a linen closet in the corner. The simple tile choice is highlighted here too, before we put in the frameless shower enclosure.


Access to shower controls without having to get into the shower first! Brilliant, and an easy fix.